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Tailored design
A website should not only be goodlooking, it must also be practical and adapted to all the devices in use. When a new visitor come upon your website, you have between 10 and 15 seconds to convince him to stay and visit your other pages! You better have the right information directly available. Nowaday more than 50% of the total web traffic is done with smartphones or tablets. Is your website adapted for this devices? Some users do not speak English? Your site deserves in translation to Spanish, French or Dutch Quechiva Web give you the garanty that your website will be visible with any device and in several languages.
Effective SEO
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. A website that can't be find using keywords in a search engine like Google, will stay invisible for more than 90% of your potential clients. Don't miss any opportunity, with Quechiva Web SEO is always included in the service we give.
Exclusive service
Having a contract with Quechiva Web is having the guaranty of a optimal, all included, service. Not only we tailor your website but we include: - a 1 year full maintenance service - a 1 year full SEO. With Quechiva Web you have no bad surprises, the price we give you is the price you will pay, no one cent more.
And much more
A website can be so much more then just a publicity for your business. It can help you selling your products with a e-shop. It can also help you run your business from everywhere in the world. Exemple: your company has several shops in the whole country. With your website you can setup the complete administration of all your shops, in real time. At any moment you have the state of your stock, you know which product sells best in which shop, you know the state of sells in every shop, even the state of sells for every seller you have. With internet everything is possible, YOUR IMAGINATION is our limit.
We are located in Herradura (near Jaco, Puntarenas, Costa Rica) but we come visit you everywhere in the country. So don't hesitate ask Quechiva Web You can contact us directly by phone at (+506) 8952 7735 Or you can use the form to send us a mail.
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